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so this guy walks up to me 2 days ago and calls me trash.. he says that i am a useless guy who will be stuck iworkin at starbucks all my life. obviously he thought i was in my mid 20’s, but ever since.. my life has been so dull. i know the shit he said wasn’t true and that i could overcome everythig.. shit, im the nicest guy in the world.. right.? I nodded to him smiled and said “have a great day man” as we parted views.. I ignored the thoughts of him at all. i have been havin some fucked up knightmares on this shit and i dont know what to think or say.. all i know is that venting.. “should” help. I hope, lmao. Thanks for reading this dogg.. means a lot. One of the few that listened to what i actually had to say. I appreciate you. much respect

no use sometimes


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